AFI is capable of manufacturing, fabricating and supplying truck mounted equipment and components. With its modern facilities and strong engineering capability, AFI can develop and customize high quality transport equipment and machineries. 

Transportation supplies from world leading brands are also available in stock to support the industry. The equipment we supply includes;

  • Industrial Vacuum Loaders (Super Sucker)
  • Vacuum and Jetting Tankers
  • Hook and Skip Loader Tankers
  • Lubrication Trucks
  • Truck Mounted Cranes and Tail Gates
  • Tipping Cylinders and Wet Kits
  • Fuel, Gear, Piston, Lobe and Water pumps
  • Bottom Loading Kits and Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Winches and Cement Blowers

Contact us

AFI (Alaa For Industry) Head Office
P.O Box 9998
Dammam 31423, Saudi Arabia

Phone +966 13 853 9000
Fax +966 13 853 9222

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