Industrial Rubber

Industrial Rubber

Industrial Rubber

Alaa Rubber and Gasket Factory is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of standard or custom industrial Rubber and Gasket products. We offer high quality precision Rubber Molded products with Metal and Fabric inserts, custom formulated liquid PU cast products with a broad range of elastomeric and mechanical  properties.

With various extruded profiles in different hardness (shore A and shore C), Marine fenders for protecting docks, ships and rigs. Recoating, grinding and balancing of rubber rollers specially for the Steel, Paper, Spinning and Printing industries. With our years of experience and expertise we provide a wide range of sealing solutions for all kinds of industries in various types of elastomers seal, teflon, graphite, aramide and non asbestos gaskets.

Rubber Moulded Products

  • Standard / custom Seals
  • Diaphragms ( Fabric Inserts )
  • Dampers
  • Anti Vibration Mounts
  • Flange Gaskets
  • Bellows
  • Sleeves
  • Donut Gasket D 68
  • Military Tank Cap
  • Butterfly Valve Seal
  • Rubber Boot
  • Viton Rubber Scrapper for high temperature fluid service
  • Cutless sleeve bearings.
  • Rubber coupling
  • Rubber Spider coupling
  • Rubber mounting bush


Rubber Rollers

Recoating, fabrication and reconditioning of rubber rollers. Recoating in technically specified rubber compound like NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, Neoprene, Hypalon, Silicon, PU and Ebonite at 45-90 Shore A and 65- 80 Shore D Hardness. Spiral cut, Diamond cut, serration cuts rollers for Paper and Cement industries.

Roller for Steel Industry 
  a) Pinch Roll 
  b) Carrying / Idler Roll 
  c) Squeeze Roll 
  d) Dryer Roll 
  e) Bridle Roll 
  f)  Deflector Roll 
  g) Accumulator Roll 
  h) Car coil Roll 
  i)  Snubber Roll 
  j)  Nip Roll 
  k) Wringer Roll 
  l)  Coater Roll 
 m) Applicator Roll etc etc. 

Roller for Paper Industry 
  a) Couch Roll 
  b) Felt Roll 
  c) Top Press Roll 
  d) Bottom Press Roll 
  e) MG Touch Roll 
  f) Sizing Roll etc etc 

Printing Rolls 
Textile spinning rolls 
Conveyor / Pully Roll for Cement industry . 
Dymanic Balancing range up to 5000 mm long and 1600 mm dia.


Cast Polyurethane Products

  • Any custom design shape and size
  • Polyurethane cast rollers up to dia 1200 mm x 5000 mm long at 45 -90 Shore A and 60-90 Shore D Hardness.
  • Pipeline scrapers sealing cup. sealing disc, spacers
  • Wheels
  • Buffers
  • Shock absorber mouting
  • Spider Couplings
  • PU Pad
  • Potato crusher roller
  • PU Sheets etc etc.

Extruded Products

  • Glass Beading
  • Door Seals
  • Marine Fenders
  • Custom design Seals etc etc

Marine Fenders

  • D Fender
  • Bow Fenders
  • Rectangle Fender
  • Trapezoid Fender
  • Cylindrical Fender
  • Arch Fender


  • Metallic Gaskets
  • Spiral Wound Gasket
  • Cut Gasket
  • Ring Joint Gasket
  • Double Jacketed Gasket
  • Non Metallic Gaskets
  • Non Asbestos Gasket
  • Rubber Flange Gasket
  • Heat Exchanger Gasket
  • Teflon Envelop Gasket
  • Gasket Sheet
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Gland Packings etc

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