Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

AFI offers ICE 815C/ ICE 416L and ICE 1412C on rental basis at a very competitive price. We have a team of real people who know everything there is to know about vibrating – people you can call at any time of the day! 

These hammers are well maintained to the highest standard and guaranteed performance.

High frequency vibratory hammers with variable moment

These vibratory hammers are characterized by;

  • A speed of approximately 2300 rpm
  • A smaller eccentric moment and therefore a smaller amplitude compared to low frequency vibratory hammers
  • Cause little to no vibrations in the surrounding area, therefore suitable for use in the direct vicinity of (existing) buildings
  • Most suitable for non-cohesive soil as sand Because of the increasing building density in the metro, high frequency vibratory hammers with a variable moment are increasingly preferred to the low frequency vibratory hammers

Hammer benefits

  • Extensively tested elastomers from Australian rubber
  • Forced cooling limits bearings temperature at 85C and ensures continuous operation
  • Bearings machined to extreme tolerance specification to ensure minimal wear and super long life
  • Super-hardened jaw plates for longer life
  • High frequency, or optional resonance free operation, restrict vibrations to the environment

Power pack benefits

  • Onboard computer for instant feed-back, wireless remote controlled
  • Fuel efficiency and low emissions provided with latest Caterpillar and VOLVO engines
  • Hydraulic flow controlled by Parker pump, to ensure maximum performance
  • Clamps closed Indicators flash on Power Pack
  • Closed bottom system to avoid spill
  • Sound proofed to European standards

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